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Christmas Luna

Light Up Christmas Tree with a Real Life Angel
Christmas Luna - Aerial Christmas Tree - Show

A stunning, spinning Christmas tree, complete with it's very own real life Angel. What's more, our Angel has a fully lit, LED costume which magically flows, fades and flashes between a beautiful array of colours. Fully self-contained, and needing no electrical supply or any addition support, this aerial act simply needs a flat surface on which to perform, and is therefore suitable for any event, both indoors and out. A gentle, beautiful character performance, which will light up any room. The costume is indeed bright enough to be seen very clearly in daylight too!

Christmas Luna are also able to offer a 'Luna-Light' show. This does not include the Angel character, but does involve a fully programmed LED costume. This act is 6min in length, and available as either solo or synchronised duet. The act is performed to an adaptation of the Lindsey Stirling track, 'Crystalize', and the LED costume is programmed to react and change colours in response to the music. High energy, high skills and fast spins make this a truly unique and stunning new act.

Christmas Luna - Aerial Christmas Tree - ShowChristmas Luna - Aerial Christmas Tree - ShowChristmas Luna - Aerial Christmas Tree - Show

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