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Acrojou's Dust

Strikingly visual performances from the UK's leading German wheel duo
Acrojou's Dust - German Wheel -  Circus Cabaret Show Entertainers

Acrojou are the UK's leading company working with German wheel, an unusual and spectacular acrobatic discipline, producing breathtaking physical performance with stunning design. All shows are suitable for both indoor and outdoor events and international bookings.

German wheel acrobatics duet.  Amazing and unusual acrobatic skills, blended with beautiful choreography and Acrojou's stunning visual style. Be prepared for your heart to soar as the acrobats are lifted and spun through swirling dust, with grace and effortlessness.

“I have programmed (Acrojou) for several events…and was always impressed by the professionalism of the company and their excellent performance skills. Enthusiasm, professionalism, commitment and enormous creativity.”

Maggie Clarke, Xtrax Festival and Without Walls Consortium of Street Arts

“A cool combination of acrobatics, dance, partner work and manipulation of two 8 foot steel wheels.  The beautiful 10 minute act is great outdoors and in, glitteringly atmospheric and utterly unique.”

Cirque Bijou on Dust

“Beautiful and extraordinary"

Chris Evans, The Gulbenkian

Acrojou - Dust - German Wheel - Show (photo Bertil Nilsson)Acrojou - Dust - German Wheel - Show (photo Bertil Nilsson)

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