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Bernie Bennett

Tightrope Comedy Superhero
Bernie Bennett - Superhero - Tightwire - Show

Tight wire walker for entertainer for every event - corporate party an dprivate party alike.

Bernie transforms miraculously, in front of the audience into a comedy superhero from another planet, intent on attempting the first crossing of wherever he is, by tightrope! Outrageous comedy, audience participation and nail biting tricks on the tightrope.

Bernie appears as a simple minded Hillbilly, trying to walk a tightrope despite the parrot perched on it. Lots of audience participation, including getting a member of the audience to walk a tightrope!

Bernie The Brave
Slay the dragon, escape from the spider’s web and cross the abyss to rescue the princess – all in the space of thirty minutes! These challenges are meant for a fairytale hero, but he has gone into hiding because his embarrassing dad, Bernie, has turned up to watch. Never fear, the show will go on, as Bernie stands in, tackling unicycle, escapology and tightrope walking, with dangerous and laughable results.

Cheeky Elf!
No wonder Santa is grumbling about the weight of the sack on his back- there’s a rather large and lively Elf sitting on top of it, getting a free ride!  This rib-tickling, walkabout act, is actually performed by one stilt walker with an ingenious costume. Featuring tricks, juggling, music and balloons, it’s guaranteed to bring a smile to your face this Christmas!

Christmas Skitzo
Skitzo is the friendly three headed alien from another planet, who has come to earth to find out all about Christmas, because he doesn’t have Christmas back home and he feels he is missing out.  He loves to chat, sing or argue with himselves or anyone else and is wearing Santa hats and tinsel to help him fit in, but at nine feet high, he will definitely stand out in a crowd!

Bernie Bennett - Hill Billy - Tightwire - ShowBernie Bennett - Hill Billy - Tightwire - ShowBernie Bennett - Hill Billy - Tightwire - ShowBernie Bennett - Cheeky Elf - WalkaboutBernie Bennett - Hill Billy - Tightwire - ShowBernie Bennett - Skitzo - WalkaboutBernie Bennett - Superhero - Tightwire - ShowBernie Bennett - Superhero - Tightwire - Show

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