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Bob Percy

The Amazing Mind Reader
Bob Percy - Magician and Mind Reader - Show and Walkabout

He’s read the minds of celebrities, sports stars, executives, grannies, bin-men, firemen, chefs, builders, doctors, nurses, students and even Buddhist monks!

Claiming to be able to read minds  - when you think about it - is preposterous!!  But thats exactly what Bob Percy does. He is a highly skilled entertainer who can apparently predict your actions, control your thoughts (under certain circumstances) and know a name, date or other piece of information you are focusing on (don’t worry he cant reveal your actual hidden secret thoughts - most of the time!!).  Fortunately it’s all done in a fun and entertaining manner, and he only uses his unusual skill for good (or so he claims).

Bob is an experienced performer who has appeared at many events for corporate and private clients some of the more unusual places he’s read minds include the WOMAD festival cabaret stage for over five hundred people a night,  the VIP room 0f London's famous  Ministry of Sound, on the streets at festivals in Ireland and Scotland and even at a private party in the top of London Bridge!

He regularly performs his skills in a mix and mingle setting, at tables for formal dinners and on stage - were he has both short cabaret routines or a full length evening show.

Occasionally he has also been invited to run team building events and gives talks for training sessions on body language, playfulness, creativity and positive thinking.

"Very good indeed - its official''

Piers Morgan

‘‘Bob was a great success at our party’’

Sir Anthony Giddons


Sir Ian Botham

"Bob's performances are always a delight – he baffles and amuses all at once and his amiable personality makes him a hit with any audience.’"

Luke Dixon

"Fabulous and in my opinion he would be an asset to any event."

Best of Lewisham

"Thank you! Your professional entertaining skills helped make our party a huge success."

UBS Warburg, London.

‘’His skill with individuals and groups has to be experienced to be believed’’

Common Purpose, London

Bob Percy - Magician and Mind Reader - Show and WalkaboutBob Percy - Magician and Mind Reader - Show and WalkaboutBob Percy - Magician and Mind Reader - Show and WalkaboutBob Percy - Magician and Mind Reader - Show and Walkabout

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