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Rum Ba Ba'a Dragon's Quest

Versatile All Female Troupe
Rum Ba Ba'a Dragon's Quest - Dragon's Quest - Walkabout

Say a firey welcome to this enormous, stunning, animatronic, smoke-breathing Dragon led through the streets in Dragon Quest by the Goblin Queen and her musical entourage.  Your once in a life time encounter with a huge ancient dragon who needs your help to work out why her eggs are not hatching.

Stilt walkabout characters include Pillaging Vakyrie Vikings, Kitsch Sci-Fi Aliens, P sky Four Legged Bugs, Gossiping Restoration Ladies, Scurvey Pirates, Big Bucks Gangster and Moll and a Mediaeval Tower with distressed damsel inside.

Circo Rum Ba Ba are highly skilled performers whose attention to detail, comic characterisation and enormous costume stock mean they can adapt to most themes and perform at any festival or event.

Your performances were one of the highlights of the Festival

City of Liverpool Events Manager

Thanks so much for being so fantastic

Amanda Crouch BBC

It was FANTASTIC! You are always so nice to work with, I look forward to next time

Sue Bird, Cheltenham Borough Council

They were fabulous and so lovely that I really didn’t want them to leave!…they were a total delight and so, so brilliant, I can’t even put it into words

Elenid Davies, City of York Council

hen I book you I know you will turn up and do a brilliant job. Your costumes and acts are of the highest quality and you are a joy to work with

Play Festival Events Officer, London Borough of Barnet

Rum Ba Ba'a Dragon's Quest - Dragon's Quest - WalkaboutRum Ba Ba'a Dragon's Quest - Dragon's Quest - Walkabout

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