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Human Cannons and The Ironing Board of Death
Circus Fudge - Street Show

Street entertainer and walkabout circus performer.

Washing machines that play music, human cannons that don't, and the legendary Ironing Board of Death all feature in this explosive kaleidoscope of circus, music and comedy.  With a collection of wacky props, hilarious timing and the greatest shoulders on earth, the witty, the charming and oh so stupid hero takes to the stage in his quest to become the worlds greatest daredevil stuntman.  Mick "Fudge" Chapman has been performing and teaching circus skills nationwide since 1989. This unique one man show is performed in , on, around and above a colourfully decorated truck stage providing an amazing spectacle for any outdoor event.

In A Spin
This unique one-man street style show centres around the world's only (?) musical washing machine. Starting with members of the audience disco-dancing with sink plungers and finishing with Fudge attempting to juggle fire, knives and cheap nasty tennis racquets blindfold on the legendary Ironing Board of Death (oooh!), this is a show performed by an idiot, full of sound, fury... and domestic appliances.

"Only two good things have come out of Rochdale... and you are better than Lisa Stansfield."

Paddy, Cambridge Strawberry Fair

Outstanding and outrageous

Essex Chronicle

A mixture of enthusiasm, real incompetance and sometimes genuine skill.

AWOL Magazine

How can one man be both rainy and sunny?

Imaginary Awestruck Audience Member

Circus Fudge - Street ShowCircus Fudge - Street ShowCircus Fudge - Street ShowCircus Fudge - Street ShowCircus Fudge - Street ShowCircus Fudge - Circus WorkshopsCircus Fudge - Street Show

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