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Diddy Nicky

Stilt Walking for All Occasions
Diddy Nicky - Cheerleader - Stilt Walker - Walkabout

Quick Silver Trooper
Striding along in search of a mission, this muscle bound super trooper is here to serve and protect. Marching along or standing guard she is an outstanding presence to any event.  She is a beaming silver giant on an stage or in the sunshine... reach for your shades.

Disco Diva
This freaky dancer just loves to boogie the night away. If there’s a party, she'll be in the middle of the dance floor making some moves.... no sign of a party? Then she will search until she finds one or make one of her very own armed and dangerous with a bubble gun.... it's groovy baby!  Perfect in nightclubs but also great at all sorts of events including festivals.

Suspect Investigations
If you need something discretely searched or covertly & thoughourly probed this is the woman for you. No job too small no fee too big. Also international espionage available.  Great at all kinds of events and for all ages.

Cheerleader Girl
This girl is like no other, she can dance, chant, sing and cheer. She really knows how to get the party started and boy has she got some moves. Sporting her light up pompom's and purple hair adults and kids of all ages will love her.. whoop whoop!  great or any kind of event, day or night.

Halloween madness from this creepy blood sucking babe, she flies around searching for food then encases her victims within her 10ft wingspan... vamptastic!  Both adults and children are guaranteed to be spooked out.

Horny Devil
This horny lass is armed with her fork to poke and annoy. She's hot and minxy and will dance leaving you wanting more. Watch out! Great for nightclubs and parties or for valentines.

Ice Monarch
From further north than anyone has ever been, comes this glacial sovereign. Regally floating like an iceberg, bringing the snow of midwinter to our lands.  She is perfect at Christmas but can be used for other events too.  great day or night she sprinkles snow wherever she goes.

Little Elfy
Elfy is full of Christmas cheer, bouncing about on her special elf boots being mischievous and causing havoc, especially when night falls and the revellers come out.  great for kids of all ages at Xmas events.

The ultimate in organo-technology, this bug-eyed borg is an inquisitive creature from another world, with her U.V. yellow & electric blue flashing circuitry over reflective black exoskeleton. This sleek computerised assassin loves to investigate everyone and everything.  She speaks in noises and clicks and is fantastic in daylight or darkness.

Cheshire Cat
This sinister cat is jolly and strange. She will chat. She will purr. She will meow. She will chuckle. She's altogether odd and eager to cuddle.  Great for family events and Alice in Wonderland themes.

Britainnia Babe
This partiotic babe is half super-hero, half sovereign. She parades around flying her Union Jack Cape with pride and with Trident in hand. 

England Fan
This girl is England's number one fan with her flag or pompoms she'll support England no matter what they're doing.  Perfect for sporting events.
Big fish, little fish, cardboard box! She's raving, she's raving.... what a little groover this fluorescent chick is.... she's havin' it large on the dance floor blowin' her whistle and freakin' out! Great for dance events and under UV lights.

Sexy Santa
Santa must have been a very bad boy to deserve this bundle of fun for Christmas. She's sexy and ready with the mistletoe for Christmas kisses for everyone xxx  Great for nightclubs and parties.

Miss Loveheart
When there's love in the air all you need is Miss Loveheart. This big hearted chick is full of love and cuddles for all. Like cupid she aims her arrow at people she meets on her travels to make them feel the love as much as her. 's adorable, fun and loves to hug and blow kisses to the world.  Great for valentines day and wedding.

Diddy Nicky - Quick Silver Trooper - Stilt Walker - WalkaboutDiddy Nicky - Batbabe - Stilt Walker - WalkaboutDiddy Nicky - Disco Diva - Stilt Walker - WalkaboutDiddy Nicky - Horny Devil - Stilt Walker - WalkaboutDiddy Nicky - Ice Monarch - Stilt Walker - WalkaboutDiddy Nicky - Suspect Investigations - Stilt Walker - Walkabout Diddy Nicky - Little Elfy - Walkabout Diddy Nicky - Insectaborg - Stilt Walker - WalkaboutDiddy Nicky - Raver - Stilt Walker - WalkaboutDiddy Nicky - Alice - Stilt Walker - WalkaboutDiddy Nicky - Gatsby - Stilt Walker - WalkaboutDiddy Nicky - Cheerleader - Stilt Walker - Walkabout

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