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Comedy Characters and Large Scale Intallations
DotComedy - The Officials - Walkabout

DotComedy  have performed  in the UK, Europe, North America and the Southern Hemisphere.

They have created  over 25 Productions ranging from the large scale Get Lost dotMaze show  to solo shows, smaller installations and walkabout  pieces.

They specialise in site specfic commissions... The Manchester Commonwealth  Games, The  Brits Awards and the 2011 Rugby World Cup, New Zealand . Also they  offer workshops and guest tutoring in Street Art  recently working with  BA Street Art Students Winchester Uni / and The Mint Fest Lakes Alive.

In Europe they have made productions of The Chain for Insitu  and have had residencies in French Creation Centres. In Rouen and Marseillies.

The Company has employed over 50 performers and has a regular pool of 25.  They continue to develop productions with renowned  Prop and Costume makers, Designers, Musicans and Film makers  to realize the high standards required in their work.

Zonika and Freed
Zonika and Freed Zonika and Freed are Europeans  they are tourists who really love travelling and meeting new people everywhere. They are very excited and love to take photographs!  It is really nice for them!

Have you ever found yourself inside a labyrinth or lost yourself in a maze? Well, now’s your chance to do both inside GetLost – dotComedy’s 20-foot square hedge maze filled with installations, soundscapes, a cast of the uncanny and a somewhat unpredictable minotaur.

23 hour non-stop rolling news. Whatever happens on the street will get reported in depth and discussed at length, as experienced anchormen James Dunkworth and Martin Glover present all the latest developments live.
Autograph Hunters
This gang of star struck anoraks can spot a celebrity in any crowd. –Even when there aren’t any!. As they roam your function mistaking everyone for someone famous, they treat everyone as someone special
The Officials
Three football referees who will transform any event into a cup final. Expect loads of red and yellow cards, random stud checks, and all manor of football related tomfoolery.  Rugby officials also available. – other sports on request.
Unfit Athletes
Three unfit athletes cough, wheeze and collapse every few yards on their way to the finish
The Why’s
Join the gaggle of white lab coated scientists as they examine, dissect and pontificate on all they discover.
The Car Boot Sale
Frighteningly authentic. The passing public at first think its real, but on closer examination start to notice that all is not what it seems. What’s for certain is that whatever you buy you will treasure forever - at least until you sell it at a car boot sale
The Surrealist Painters and Decorators
An artist spoofing the styles of the late greats, a painter and decorator doing his portraits in emulsion with a roller and a ‘nude’ model with an attitude problem invite you to watch them create.
The Misinformation Tent
Lost? Any Questions? The Misinformation Tent will supply (wrong) answers to all life’s questions. Come complete with misleading maps, impossible diagrams and ridiculous public service announcements. Staffed by the most helpful but ill-informed local volunteers available
The Dig
Archeology for troglodytes!  The dotComedy time team descend on a site of your choice, uncovering fascinating relics from the past, and formulating crackpot theories as to how they got there.
Experience the awesome power of one of the world’s most notorious bands: BREAKER!!!  That is, if at some point in the future, they do actually manage to finish the SOUND CHECK.
The Half Naked Chef
Steve “Woko” Jackson, a spoof Australian TV cook gives a culinary demonstration that would make Delia Smith’s hair stand on end. A non-stop send up of every cooking show that’s ever been.

Zonika and Freed
Meet tourists from Europa  Zonika and Freed!. They love to hug and interact
interact....and people love to hug them!!, sharing a fun and warm vibe
throughout any event. They also love to pose and have  photo taken, be filmed and talk about where they are from they are really really nice!

"The best shows have a clear idea of what they want to achieve. Where the performers have the ability to disrupt normality and engage directly with audiences of all ages. A company who can do just that (apparently effortlessly) is DotComedy."

Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

“Alice in Wonderland crossed with a Greek Myth – extraordinary **** "

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