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Punctuation Marks, Meduada and Other Characters Sailing your Streets
Faceless Theatre Company - The Punctuation Marks - Walkabout

Costumed character roaming community artist entertainers.

Eager, green gigantic & cleaners of everything and everyone.  Mayhem and absurdity prevail when our overzealous yet ineffectual cleansing manager chaperones two massive interactive rubbish bins through the streets. Populated by a rat and cat puppets, and under the watchful eye of the ardent official, the giant dust-busters taunt and tease their way around events, digesting and discarding items, squirting water and brushing up passers by and street furniture.

The Fat Bureaucrats
The blundering bureaucrats are two ridiculous oversized, stiltwalking officials bringing order and disorder simultaneously wherever they go. Having travelled the globe from Singapore to Canada, verbally interrogating everyone they meet, their pompous and serious obsession with all things red tape combined with their clownish appearance, preposterous gestures and bumbling wit makes them a ludicrous but appealing choice.

Green Man
An environmentally concerned gentle giant.  Based on a legend found in many cultures, our Green Man is an awesome, enchanting, towering mythical tree that has chosen to walk the earth to address concerns for our planet. Accompanied by a keen, pragmatic arborist, the Green Man travels between sparse greenery of town and city centres, merging with vegetation, startling unsuspecting bystanders and perplexing the tree expert. At 7ft tall Green Man will greet the audience effusively, dangle small children from his branches and avoid dogs wishing to water his roots. Green Man is an evocative, interactive and humorous moving image for field festivals and urban centres.

Short Ships
Ancient mariners lost in time and place.  Two ghostly galleons are lost at sea with ineffectual tools of a blank map and a blind telescope. Fuelled by an atmospheric seafaring soundtrack, the ships use old fashioned charm and nautical naughtiness to seek the assistance of their audience as they comically strive to find their way to shore.  Audiences offer refreshments to thirsty sailors and can?t resist invitations to dance the hornpipe or assist in stabilising the ships in unrelenting storms.  Eye catching and impressive, our inept mariners will add an air of distinctiveness to your festival or street.

Space to Create
A portable creative activity space.  Space to create is a pop up building, providing a safe, sheltered environment in which families and people of all ages can enjoy a range of creative arts activities together. At an impressive 8m diameter and 4m high, the airy open inflatable structure provides significant impact at both large and small events.  The Space is staffed by two community artists and a technician. It can be used indoors, weighted outdoors on hard standing or staked on grass. It is powered either by generator or mains electricity.  Within the Space, Faceless can tailor activities to suit the needs of communities or deliver up to two workshops in one day from the company?s wide of ranging repertoire of participatory arts workshops. We also use the Space as a venue for community consultation, live music, performances or themed events.

“Very good, great staff, punctual, professional, costumes excellent quality. Brilliant!

Helen Moore, Blyth Valley Arts & Leisure

First Class Shows

Gerry Reynolds, Highlands Council, Inverness

Faceless Theatre Company - The Fat Bureaucreats - Stilt Wakers - WalkaboutFaceless Theatre Company - The Fat Bureaucreats - Stilt Wakers - WalkaboutFaceless Theatre Company - The Wheelie Bins - WalkaboutFaceless Theatre Company - The Wheelie Bins - WalkaboutFaceless Theatre Company - The Green Man - WalkaboutFaceless Theatre Company - The Green Man - WalkaboutFaceless Theatre Company - The Short Ships - WalkaboutFaceless Theatre Company - Space to Create - WorkshopsFaceless Theatre Company - The Snowmen - WalkaboutFaceless Theatre Company - The Punctuation Marks - Walkabout

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