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Frequently Asked Questions...

"How much are the performers?"

The reason we do not put a price list on the site is simply because we try and cater for all budgets. As with everything, you get what you pay for; the more you pay, the higher the skill level and experience you get. The less you pay, the narrower the selection of performers you get to choose from.

"Do You Produce A Brochure?"

We certainly do. Please feel free to request a copy

How Do I Get My Act Listed on The Web Site?

"Drop us an email.  Please bear in mind that we get sent asked to represent about ten new acts a day and unless something really stands out and it not something we already represent, then it is fairly unlikely that we will be able to get you work."

I Am Unsure As To What We Need, Can You Help?

We specialise in providing inspiration and assistance to our customers. The majority of the people who contact us are unsure of precisely what performers they require. We are here to help.

The Variety On The Web Site Is Overwhelming You Suggest A Range Of Performers To Suit Our Event?

Even with the loosest outlines of ideas, we are able to suggest a range of options which will aid you in your decision making.

Where are the Performers Based?

The performers are based all over the world, though the majority of them are based in the UK. They are all willing to travel. We have sent performers from Scotland to Japan and lots of places in between!

Do You Represent Bands / Musicians?

"MissingLinkProductions specialise in circus because it is an we know thoroughly. We do not feel it fair to represent musicians as it is not an area we have expert knowledge in."

"Are The Performers Insured?"

All our performers hold full liability insurance for their acts.

"Do You Work With Animals?"

MissingLinkProductions adamantly does not work with any performers with animals in their shows.

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