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Lotus Touch

The Perfect Relaxing Addition to Every Event
Lotus Touch - Massage

Lotus Touch's trained massage therapists specialise in anything from 5 minute to full 1-hour massages to perfectly enhance any event.

Their most popular is a 10 minute treatment that takes inspiration from Indian head massage, Thai massage and acupressure. It’s the perfect way to relax, rejuvenate and reignite your spirit.
The Lotus Touch experience focuses on the areas of the body that store the most tension (head, neck, shoulders and back), to reduce stress and release energy leaving you feeling re-centered and ready to take on life’s obstacles with fresh perspective.

The Lotus Touch Massage is tailored to suit your needs; from length of massage to uniforms that compliment your theme, just get in touch and we’ll see how we can be perfect for you.
The physical and psychological benefits of massage are no longer in question. Go on; provide a luxurious gift that really leaves people loving you!

A once again faultless and professional Service from the Lotus Touch Team! Thank you for all your hard work on the night. You were a massive success with all the guests!

Claudia Martino, Discovery Channel

We are delighted by the tremendous amount of interest they attract. There's always a constant queue for their excellent massage and they leave behind a trail of happy, rejuvinated people. Wherever they go, people feel better

Max Elliott, Full Circle Performance and Entertainment

hey were extremely popular, and made a lasting impression on a lot of the guests. It was amazing how efficiently they worked and how many people they were able to see throughout the evening

Kirstie Skinner, M & C Saatchi Sport and Entertainment

I couldn’t decide whether to leap into the air or sink into the floor – it was exhilarating

Steve Mapp, Broadway Cinema

We were delighted to work with Lotus Touch at the 2009 Ideal Home Show. It was very easy to accommodate them as they are so professional and adapted to the show extremely well. The service was very well received by our visitors

Sarah Stoddart, DMG World Media

We noticed a huge improvement in the morale and quality of work of our employees following their first visit... All the staff were re-enirgized and stress-free. Perfect for our demanding, fast-paced workplace!

Catherine Searby, Ustwo

Lotus Touch - MassageLotus Touch - MassageLotus Touch - MassageLotus Touch - MassageLotus Touch - MassageLotus Touch - MassageLotus Touch - MassageLotus Touch - MassageLotus Touch - MassageLotus Touch - Massage

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