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April 2011

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News - April 2011

The daffodils are spring up everywhere. We are hurtling into spring and soon Whitsun will be upon us.

Missing Link too is bursting with life and what better way to herald the warmer weather than to celebrate the activities of our fabulous array of entertainers, who will spend much of the coming year entertaining at venues across the UK and beyond?

Of course many Missing Link placed performers have already made their mark this year. Indeed some left 2010 and entered 2011 in the full glare of publicity on the last day of 2010 by appearing in Jools Holland’s Hootnannay. Where else would you see Old Father Time and a Polar Bear jigging to contemporary Jazz? Electric Cabaret as Old Father Time, Titan the Robot and Los Kaos's Polar Bear all featured throughout the long and great fun show that has become almost a National Institution.

Meanwhile, we had the fabulous Michele from Viva Aerial Dance and Fling and Delia du Sol performing her aerial silks on X Factor over the Xmas period; acrobats So and So Circus Theatre were performing in 'The Fairy Queen' with The New London Consort; Hoop La La have reworked their fabulous 'Fitness Fanatics' act - a light hearted look at retro fitness crazes, which has been hugely popular, combined with running a workshop at the Olympic handover. Hoop La La's Craig the Amazing Hula Boy appeared at 'Surprise' in the German varieté theatre GOP Münster.

FlingHoop La LaElectric CabaretTitan the RobotLos KaosViva Aerial DanceVirtigo StiltsFairly Famous FamilyBread and Butter Theatre CompanyMark TateLarger than LifeBolli DarlingBureau of Silly IdeasInside LoopMartha HarrisonThe Miniscule of SoundMaynard Flipflap


In keeping with the theme of Spring Time, Fairly Famous Family now have a 'Grow Your Own' comedy market garden stall as part of their street show.

Bread and Butter Theatre Company have the Green Fingered Folk of talking topiary and puppetry working alongside Mr Egghead and the Easter Egg Hunt.

Mark Tate's Screaming Me Me's have put a spring in the step of many with the Family Tree and their selection of ground based walkabout, stilt characters and acrobatic woodland nymphs.

Stilt Walking Green Police from Larger than Life will come and inspect your local environment from on high.

Balloonatic add a range of new ideas to their special mix of latex artistry with their beautiful balloons and woodland pixies.

Gladys, the remote control flower pot and her shrubberies is the creation of the Bureau of Silly Ideas, while the spring-like theme continues in the wonderful work of Virtigo Stilts, who have costumes to suit every occasion, none better or more topical than their Tall Gardens, an act to behold.

Bolli Darling and their stable of exquisite entertainers is geared up ready to entertain throughout the year with a wide range of costumes, themes and acts to suit all occasions.


We welcome to the website this month Yo Yo entertainment duo (and workshop entertainers) Inside Loop. From school workshops to exhibition stands these gents stun with their dexterity and skill, fascinating audiences wherever they appear.

Fabulous handstand artist Martha Harrison has posted new images of her cabaret act on her page of the website this month. Well worth a look.

The world's smallest nightclub The Miniscule of Sound has sent us new pictures of their international tours. These appear on their page of our website.

Hilarious street performer Maynard Flipflap introduces us to a new character 'Rubbadubdub'. This eccentric Admiral and his sanitised Butler set forth in their “Wheeled Bathing Facility” from which he emerges with a gale of songs, stories and hilarious audience interactive moments, as they attempt to steer their fascinating contraption back home.

Quote of the Month

"When I make a pot of oolong tea, I put tea leaves into the pot and pour boiling water on them. Five minutes later there is tea to drink. When I drink it, oolong tea is going into me. If I put in more hot water, making a second pot of tea, the tea from those leaves continues to go into me. After I have poured out all the tea, what will be left in the pot is just the spent tea leaves. The leaves that remain are only a very small part of the tea. The tea that goes into me is a much bigger part of the tea. It is the richest part.

We are the same; our essence has gone into our children, our friends and the entire universe. We have to find ourselves in those directions and not in the spent tea leaves. When we learn to do this, we can find the people we have loved and lost."

Thich Nhat Hanh

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