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Oompah Brass

The UK’s Newest, Freshest and Most Temulent Oompah Ensemble
Oompah Brass - Pop Brass Band - Music

Straight from the Bavarian homeland via the Top 40!  Oompah Pop Band.  Oompah Brass is the UK’s newest, freshest and most temulent Oompah ensemble, bringing the spirit of the Munich Beer Festival to your party via the Top 40.

The band has played all over the UK, on BBC, ITV and Channel 4; at the infamous Snowbombing Festival in the Austrian Alps and headlined the opening night of the 2007 Belgrade Beer Festival, playing to 60,000 party-goers.
Oompah Brass are new…

Oompah Brass was formed in 2006 from some of London’s finest young brass players, who share a common goal: to spread the word of Oompah and Bavarian cheer as far as possible.

Oompah Brass are different…

The band specialises in playing hits of the 70s, 80s and 90s with a Bavarian lilt, instantly recognisable, but like you’ve never heard them before!

Our set includes Oompah takes on songs by Tom Jones, The Village People, Guns n’ Roses, Kylie, James Brown, Abba, The Bee Gees and Bon Jovi as well as The Proclaimers’ hit

Ich Werde Sein (804,5km) and the Queen classic, Bavarian Rhapsody.

Big crowd sing-alongs and festive participation guaranteed!

If you’ve not seen Oompah karaoke, you’ve not lived.

Oompah Brass are unique…

Alongside their unique ‘Oompop’ repertoire, Oompah Brass leads the crowd and audience in a selection of traditional games such as the Sausage Game, the Left Shoe Drinking Game and many more – including the opportunity to play with the band on one of their miniature brass instruments – and the chance to win special Oompah prizes!

Oompah Brass are always up for it…

Oompah Brass can easily tailor their performance to the specific needs of your event. If you want games, we’ll play games. If you want audience participation, we’ll get everyone involved. If you just want background music, we’ll do that too. We’ll bring our own beer wenches (all dressed in traditional Bavarian dirndls), kegs of imported German beer and can even provide a disco for between and after our sets.
Oompah Brass guarantees satisfaction, quality entertainment and a unique experience that will make your event the one that everyone’s talking about.

They rock. So good. Legends in lederhosen.

Chris Evans, BBC Radio 2

Absolutely spectacular, thrilling. It's not a gimmick, it's a fantastic sound. It's got legs like you wouldn't believe

Danny Baker, BBC Radio

A rock 'n' roll oompah band! Tremendous!

Richard Bacon, BBC 5 Live

Fantastic! They left me breathless!

Alain de Botton, philosopher

Oompah Brass - Pop Brass Band - MusicOompah Brass - Pop Brass Band - MusicOompah Brass - Pop Brass Band - MusicOompah Brass - Pop Brass Band - MusicOompah Brass - Pop Brass Band - MusicOompah Brass - Pop Brass Band - MusicOompah Brass - Pop Brass Band - MusicOompah Brass - Pop Brass Band - Music

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