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Amazing Ari - Aerial Hoop - Show or Background Amazing Ari
A Unique Approach to Aerial Disciplines
Multi-Talented Circus Acrobat and Aerialist Lucy Francis
An Act Above - Twist - Contortion - Circus Contortion Cabaret Act An Act Above
A Classy Contortion, Aerial, Dance and Stilt Company
Angie - Disco Queen of Hula - Hula Hoop Angie Mack
Colourful, Creative and Captivating Hula Hooper!
Aphrodite On the Run - Pop Opera Divas - Opera Singers Entertertainers Aphrodite On the Run
Pop Opera Divas
Arms Length - Female Acrobalance Duo - Circus Cabaret Entertainers Arms Length
Female Acrobalance Duo
Aurelia Cats - Aerial and Contortion - Show Aurelia Cats
International Trapeze Contortion Star
Babes with Blades - Female Martial Arts Group - Show Babes with Blades
All Female Martial Arts Group
Balloonatic - Balloon Modellers - Walkabout Balloonatic
The UK's Most Extravagant Balloon Artists
The Bees Knees - Dancers - Walkabout or Show Bees Knees
Dancing the Nineteen Twenties into the Noughties
Bella Kinetica - Roller Skating - Cabaret or Walkabout Bella Kinetica
Enchant, Excite and Amaze with Aerial and Skating Skills
Billy George - Cyr Wheel - Circus Cabaret Artist Billy
UKs leading Cyr Wheel artist
Bob & Bob Jobbins - Air Ace - Walkabout Bob & Bob Jobbins
Brilliantly Inspired, Gorgeously Absurd, Hilarious Comic Performance
Bob Percy - Magician and Mind Reader - Show and Walkabout Bob Percy
The Amazing Mind Reader
Bolli's Birds of Paradise - Ribbon Dacners - Walkabout Entertainers Bolli's Birds of Paradise
Stilt Walkers or Ribbon Dancers
Bolli's Chandelier Starlets - Roaming Entertainers Bolli's Chandelier Starlets
Roaming Dazzling Starlets
Bolli's Fanciful Fairies - Walkabout Roaming Entertainers Bolli's Fanciful Fairies
Roaming Ballet faries to delight
Bolli's Flamingos - Stilt Walking Ostentatious Flamingo Entertinaers Bolli's Flamingos
Stilt Walking Ostentasious FlamingosOstentatious
Bolli's Statues - Exquisite human statues Bolli's Statues
Exquisite human statues
Bolli Darling - Sumptuous Swans - Stilt Walkers - Walkabout Bolli's Sumptulous Swans
Sumptuous Swans on Stilts
Bongo Bolero - Comedy Acobalance - Show Bongo Bolero
Exquisitely Beautiful and Uproariously Funny
Bongo's Statues - Acrobatic Adagio Human Statues - Cabaret or Installation Bongo's Statues
Acrobatic Adagio Statues
BoSi's Original Mobile Phone - Get the Streets Talking - Walkabout Entertainment BoSi's Original Mobile Phone
Get the Streets Talking
Calvos - Stilt Walkers and Contact Jugglers - Walkabout Calvos
Crystal Ball Jugglers and Stilt Walkers
Caroline Parker - Signed Song - Show Caroline Parker
The Silent Diva
Carousel - Revolving Aerial and Acrobatics Circus Rig - Cabaret Show entertainer Carousel
Revolving Aerial and Acrobatics Circus Rig
Catrin Osborne - Corde Lisse - Show Catrin Osborne
Experienced Aerialist, Stilt Walker and Fire Artist with Strong Character Skills
Champagne Glitterati - Aerial waitress Champagne Glitterati
Aerial waitress
Charlotte Bicknell - Singing Aerialist - Show Charlotte Bicknell
The Singing, Swinging Aerialist
Bluebellla & The Ladies - Ground & Stilt walkers - Walkabout Circus Entertainers Cherry's Bluebella and the Ladies
Stilt and Ground Elegance
Christopher Howell
Fun and Sophisticated Close Up Magic
Circus Klodi - Handstand Circus Cabaret Entertainer Circus Klodi
Dynamic Lifting and Powerful Acrobatic Balances
Cirque Delight - Aerial Circus Entertainers Silks Tissu Act Cirque Delight
Aerial Circus Entertainers
Claudia Contortion - Witness the Impossible - Cabaret Entertainer Claudia Contortion
Witness the Impossible
Colette Morrow - Aerial Hoop - Show or Background Colette Morrow
Former Cirque Du Soleil Principle Artist Aerial Hoop, Tissu and Dancer
Contortion Chandelier - Exquisite acrobatic skills dripping in diamonds cabaret Contortion Chandelier
Exquisite acrobatic skills dripping in diamonds
Crystal Music Box - Musical Statue - Installation Crystal Music Box
An Air of Fairytale Romance to Any Special Event
Curious Company - The Colours - Stilt Walker - Walkabout Curious Company
Combining Spectacle with Stilts, Slapstick, Style and Storytelling
Dave Chameleon - Ring Master - Compere or Walkabout Dave Chameleon
Improvisation and Comedy with a Theatrical Style
Deamon Stilts - Wedding Cakes on Stilts - Stilt Walkers Deamon Stilts
Beautiful Theatrical Circus Nightmares
Delia du Sol - Circus Contortionist - Show or Walkabout Entertainer Delia du Sol
One of the Most Flexible Girls in The Business
Deviant Aerial - Tango de Roxanne - Hoop or Silks - Background or Show Deviant Aerial
Award Winning Aerial Artistry
Diddy Nicky - Cheerleader - Stilt Walker - Walkabout Diddy Nicky
Stilt Walking for All Occasions
Divine Company - Black Swans - Swan Lake on Stilts - Stilt Walkers - Walkabout Divine Company
Combine Elements of Circus and Dance
Dream - Clown Stilts - Walkabout Dream
Such Stuff as Dreams are Made of
Duo Nico - Former Cirque du Soleil Entertainers Duo Nico
Former Cirque du Soleil Entertainers
Electric Cabaret - The Elementals - Stilts & Giant Inflatable Ball - Walkabout Electric Cabaret
Entertainment with a Surreal Twist
Elena Marina - Fatres -  Aerial Hoop - Circus Cabaret Entertainer Elena Marina
Aerial Dancer
Fair Play - The Space Cadets - Walkabout Fair Play
A riot of raucous rascality and a thigh slapping, fist pumping, gut clutching sensation for all occasions
Flame Fatale - Fire - Show or Walkabout Flame Fatale
A Breathtaking Fire Spectacular
Flight of Fancy - Aerial Circus Rig Flight of Fancy
Aerial Circus
Fling - Circus Acrobat - Cabaret Entertainer Show Fling
Dynamic High Impact Acrobatics
Follies - Face Painters Follies
Face Painters, Henna Tattoos and Temporary Tattoos
Frankie Chalet - Comedy French Themed Saucy Entertainer - Show or Walkabout Frankie Chalet
Sexy, Witty and the Epitome of Frenchness Itself
Fulcrum - Acrobats - Show or Walkabout Fulcrum
Elegant Skilled Acrobats
Gandini Juggling - Jugglers - Show or Walkabout Gandini Juggling
The World's Leading Juggling Specialists
Gemma Palomar - Chinese Pole - Acrobat - Show Gemma Palomar
Unifiying Dance and Acrobatics
Girls in Hats - Jugglers - Show Girls in Hats
2 women, 5 hats, 1 hat stand & 350 sound effects
Gwendoline Lamour - Burlesque - Show Gwendoline Lamour
Queen of British Burlesque
Hoop La La - Hula Heros - Hula Hoop - Show or Walkabout Hoop La La
Acrobalance, Dance, Comedy and Most Importantly, Hula-Hooping!
Jessie Rose - Social Circles - Hula Hoop - Show or Walkabout Hoop La La's Jessie Rose
Hula Hooping Aerial Star
Hoop La La's Tiina - Hand Balance - Cabaret Hoop La La's Tiina
Hula Hoop and Hand Balance Artist
Hoop La Laura - Waiting to wow your guests with her amazing hula hoop skills Hoop La Laura
Waiting to wow your guests with her amazing hula hoop skills
Ilona Jantti - Aerial Hoop - Show Ilona Jantti
Aerial Hoop Dancer
Inflate-a-belles  - Balloon Modellers - Walkabout Circus and Corporate Entertain Inflate-a-belles
Exciting New Group of Balloon Artists
La Luna - Freestanding Beautiful Aerial Ballet  Cabaret or Ambient Entertainment La Luna
Freestanding Beautiful Aerial Ballet
Lady G - Aerial Hoop - Show or Background Lady G
Glamourous, Gorgeous and Graceful Aerial
Larger Than Life - The Ostriches - Stilt Walkers - Walkabout Larger Than Life
With Attitude - and Altitude!
Larkin' About - Angels - Electroglide - Walkabout Larkin' About
Specialise in Amazing Gliding Characters
Legendary Lynn - The Merpeople - Stilt Walkers - Walkabout Legendary Lynn
Stilt Walking Carmen Miranda and The Merpeople
Lilli and Sara - The Other Side of Me - Aerial Hoop - Show or Background Lilli and Sara
Synchronised Movement, Fluid Dynamic Shapes and Physical Theatre
Lilli Mühleisen - Aerial Dancer - Show or Cabaret Lilli Mühleisen
Specialising in Aerial Hoop and Aerial Silks Performances
Ling Chinese Entertainments - Chinese Lion Dancers - Show or Walkabout Ling Chinese Entertainments
Solo, Speciality Acts and the Skills
Los Kaos - Bjorn the Polar Bear - Show or Walkabout Los Kaos
Bjorn the Polar Bear, The Creature, The Martians and Felix and Felix
Lotus Touch - Massage Lotus Touch
The Perfect Relaxing Addition to Every Event
Magic Matt - Magician and Pick Pocket - Show or Walkabout Magic Matt
First Class Magic and Pick Pocket
Mark Tate's Screaming Me Me's - Silver Speed Team - Stilt Walkers - Walkabout Mark Tate's Screaming Me Me's
Distinctive Performer
Matt Costain - Aerialist - Show or Background Matt Costain
The Infamous Sky Boy from the Millennium Dome
Mimbre - Acrobats - Hopp - Show or Walkabout Mimbre
Circus and street theatre company mixing acrobatics, dance and humour
Miss Behave - Sword Swallower - Show or MC Miss Behave
Mistress of Ceremonies, Eccentric Comedian and Speciality Act
Mr Dennis Teeth - Musical Saw - Cabaret or Background Mr Dennis Teeth
Musical Saw Extraordinaire
Mystical Parties - Crystal Ball and Furtune Tellers - Background or Walkabout Mystical Parties
Every Type of Future Reading
Natalie Reckert - Hand Balancer - Show or Walkabout Natalie Reckert
A Handbalancing Treat for Every Event
Nathan and Isis - Circus Acrobats - Cabaret Show Nathan and Isis
Circus Acrobats
Nick Daines - Suspended Animation - Aerial Silks - Show or Background Nick Daines
Professional and Highly Skilled, Multi Talented Performer
Nicole Pearson - Circus Aerial Silks - Cabaret Show Nicole Pearson
Award winning Aerial Artist
Oi Brasil - Carnival Samba - Dancers - Wlakabout or Show Oi Brasil
Bringing Authentic Rio de Janeiro-Style Carnival Shows to Any Event
Opera on the Run - Singing Waiters - Walkabout Opera on the Run
Singing Waiters and other Surprise Guests
Powderpuff Girls - Manacure, Make Up, Hair Styling and Massage - Installation Powderpuff Girls
Poised Ready to Pamper Primp and Preen
Robin Fox - Magician - Walkabout Robin Fox
Jack of all Trades Master of Fun
Rod Laver - Oral Ping Pong Juggler - Circus Cabaret Show Rod Laver
Oral Ping Pong Juggling
Romany - Close Up and Cabaret Magician - Magic - Show and Walkabout Romany
Diva of Magic
Roving Artist -Charles Burns -  Silhouette Cutter - Walkabout Roving Artist
Lightening Fast Silhouettes
Rum Ba Ba'a Dragon's Quest - Dragon's Quest - Walkabout Rum Ba Ba'a Dragon's Quest
Versatile All Female Troupe
Rum BaBa's Dress Circle
The Animated Street Theatre
Sam Veale - Juggler - Show and Walkabout Sam Veale
Juggler Extraordinaire
Sav - Close Up Magician and Pickpocket - Walkabout Sav
Knockout Magic
Silvia Pavone - Hula Hoop Dancer - Circus Cabaret Entertainer Silvia Pavone
Hula Hoop Dancer and Circus Entertainer
Solaris - Contortion - Show or Walkabout Solaris
Female Contortion Duo
Steve Faulkner - Close Up and Cabaret Magician - Show or Walkabout Steve Faulkner
Specialist in Hospitality, Conferences, Functions, Magic Coaching and Weddings
Steve Kaos - Juggler, Stilt Walker and Workshop Leader - Walkabout or Shows Steve Kaos
All Round Circus Entertainer
Stickleback Plasticus - Two Left Feet - Comedy Walkabout Stickleback Plasticus
Over Enthusiastic Ballroom Dancers
Still Living Statues - Human Statues - Installation Still Living Statues
Living Pieces of Art
Surface Tension - Daffodils - Stilt Walkers - Walkabout Surface Tension
Glamourous Stilts, Fire and Balloon Modelling
Suspension of Disbelief - Circus Trapeze Duo - Cabaret Circus Entertainers Suspension of Disbelief
Aerial circus performance on trapeze, hoop and rope and more
Swizzleshaker - 1940's Flamenco and Bar Flaring Comedy - Show Swizzleshaker
Sensationally skilled Street Theatre blending Circus & Vintage Dance
Thomas Trilby - Fire Juggler - Street Show or Walkabout Thomas Trilby
Versatile Circus Walkbout
Tina C - Comedy Country Music Drag Singer - Cabaret Tina C
Infamous Comedy Country Music Drag Star
Tumbellina - Moulin Rouge - Aerial Silks - Aerial - Show Tumbellina Productions
Dare-Devil Stunts and High Flying Somersaults
Twilight Players - Dancing Showmanship - Show Twilight Players
Dancing Showmanship to a Latin Jazz, Ska, Asian & Electro Funk Soundtrack
Venetian Human Statues - Bolero  - Human Statues - Background or Venetian Human Statues
Mysterious Silent Mix and Mingle Characters
Virtigo Stilts - The Lobsters - Stilt Walkers - Walkabout Virtigo Stilts
Stilt Walking Costumes Drreams are Made of
VIVA Aerial Dance - Aerial Silks - Show VIVA Aerial Dance
Combining Aerial, Dance and a Lot of Style
Wheel in Motion - German Wheel - Show Wheel in Motion
An Astounding Display of Acrobatic Prowess
World of Coco - Aerial Hoop - Circus Entertainer - cabaret World of Coco
Aerial Circus Drama
Wrong Size - The Christmas Belles - Stilt Walkers - Walkabout Entertainers Wrong Size
Performance Art Comes Alive and Interactive

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