The 1950’s Perfect Balloon Modelling Housewife
Colourful, Creative and Captivating Hula Hooper!
Specializing in Spectacular Street Theatre
The UK's Most Extravagant Balloon Artists
Brilliantly Inspired, Gorgeously Absurd, Hilarious Comic Performance
Bolli Darling - Sumptuous Swans - Stilt Walkers - Walkabout
Sumptuous Swans on Stilts
Bongo Bolero - Comedy Acobalance - Show
Exquisitely Beautiful and Uproariously Funny
Shows, Walkabouts and Workshops
Crystal Music Box - Musical Statue - Installation
An Air of Fairytale Romance to Any Special Event
Combining Spectacle with Stilts, Slapstick, Style and Storytelling
Combine Elements of Circus and Dance
Electric Cabaret - Human statues - Living Statues - Entertainers
Entertainment with a Surreal Twist
Juggling with Technology
Flame Fatale - Fire Dance Entertainers Circus Performers
A Breathtaking Fire Spectacular
Face Painters, Henna Tattoos and Temporary Tattoos
Sexy, Witty and the Epitome of Frenchness Itself
Specialise in Amazing Gliding Characters
Miss Behave - Sword Swallower - Show or MC
Mistress of Ceremonies, Eccentric Comedian and Speciality Act
Every Type of Future Reading
A Handbalancing Treat for Every Event
Hauntingly Beautiful, Stunningly Skillful Aerial Performances
Roving Artist -Charles Burns -  Silhouette Cutter - Walkabout
Lightening Fast Silhouettes
Gliding Golden Lovestruck Fools
Over Enthusiastic Ballroom Dancers
Still Living Statues - Human Statues - Installation
Living Pieces of Art
Virtigo Stilts - The Lobsters - Stilt Walkers - Walkabout
Stilt Walking Costumes Drreams are Made of