A Unique Approach to Aerial Disciplines
Amazon Circus  - Enchanted Forest Show - Trapeze Duo
Enchanted Forest Show
Balloonatic - Walkabout Balloon Modeller Entertainers
The UK's Most Extravagant Balloon Artists
Beautiful Belles - Stilt Walking Bells Walkabout Entertainers
Stilt Walking Bells
Giant Slinkie Shows
Quirky and Captivating Aerial and Stilt Walking Performance
Bolli's Fanciful Fairies - Walkabout Roaming Entertainers
Roaming Ballet faries to delight
Bolli's Flamingos - Stilt Walking Ostentatious Flamingo Entertinaers
Stilt Walking Ostentasious FlamingosOstentatious
Bolli's Ice Fauns - Wintery Walkabout Creaures
Wintery Walkabout Creaures
Bolli's Peacocks on Stilts - Stilt Walkers - Walkabout
Exquisite stilt walking birds
Bolli Darling - Sumptuous Swans - Stilt Walkers - Walkabout
Sumptuous Swans on Stilts
Bongo Bolero - Comedy Acobalance - Show
Exquisitely Beautiful and Uproariously Funny
Shows, Walkabouts and Workshops
Family Friendly Entertainers of Bubbles
Calvos - Stilt Walkers and Contact Jugglers - Walkabout
Crystal Ball Jugglers and Stilt Walkers
Carousel - Revolving Aerial and Acrobatics Circus Rig - Cabaret Show entertainer
Revolving Aerial and Acrobatics Circus Rig
Contortion Chandelier - Exquisite acrobatic skills dripping in diamonds cabaret
Exquisite acrobatic skills dripping in diamonds
Creature's Epico The Dragon - Walkabout Puppet Dragon Character
Walkabout Puppet Dragon Character on the Roam
The Goblins Oddness and Grottstick
Larger Than Life Avian Amigos
Crystal Music Box - Musical Statue - Installation
An Air of Fairytale Romance to Any Special Event
Curious Alice - Alice in Wonderland on Stilts - Walkabout
Curious Alice - Alice in Wonderland on Stilts - Walkabout
Combining Spectacle with Stilts, Slapstick, Style and Storytelling
Deamon Stilts - Wedding Cakes on Stilts - Stilt Walkers
Beautiful Theatrical Circus Nightmares
Divine Company - ribbon dancers stilt walkers fire performers entertainers
Combine Elements of Circus and Dance
Fire Dancers and Fire Ballet
Illuminated dancers
Divine Stilts - Stilt Walking Entertainers - The Glow Arcadians
Stilt Walking Beauty
Comedy Characters and Large Scale Intallations
Dream - Clown Stilts - Walkabout
Such Stuff as Dreams are Made of
Dream Aerial Silks - Circus Aerial Dancers and Acrobatics - Circus Cabaret
Circus Aerial Dancers and Acrobatics
Dream Hoops - Aerial Hoops - Cabaret Circus Entertainer
Aerial Hoops
Electric Cabaret - Human statues - Living Statues - Entertainers
Entertainment with a Surreal Twist
Travelling Royal Carriage
Aerial Circus
An Elderly Puppetry Couple of Miniature Proportions
Half man - half animal walkabout entertainers
Ice Queens - Stilt Walking Ice Queens - Circus Walkabout Entertainers
Stilt Walking Ice Queens
Inflate-a-belles  - Balloon Modellers - Walkabout Circus and Corporate Entertain
Exciting New Group of Balloon Artists
Freestanding Beautiful Aerial Ballet
Lady Margo - Diablo - Walkabout or Show
The Choice of Distinction
Larger Than Life - The Ostriches - Stilt Walkers - Walkabout
With Attitude - and Altitude!
Specialise in Amazing Gliding Characters
Synchronised Movement, Fluid Dynamic Shapes and Physical Theatre
Los Kaos - Walkabout Polar Bear Entertainer
Bjorn the Polar Bear, The Creature, The Martians and Felix and Felix
The Birds are Impressive and Magnificent and Their Detail is Dazzling
Distinctive Performer
Maynard Flipflap - Man in a box walkabout entertainer
The World's Only Man in a Box and The Tap Dancing Turkeys
Nuanced, Breathtaking and Highly-Skilled Acrobatic Theatre
Contemporary Walkabout Puppetry Surrealism
Angels, Mohicans and Human Televisions
Stilt Walking Glam Rockers and Jack Frosts
Puddle Ducks - Beatrix Potter Themed Walkabout Entertainers
Beatrix Potter Themed Walkabout Entertainers
Rob Horsman's Elliptical Circus Juggler and Cabaret Circus Entertainer
Juggling The Unbelieveable, The Incredible and The Magical
Versatile All Female Troupe
Walkabout Circus Entertainer
Still Living Statues - Human Statues - Installation
Living Pieces of Art
Summer Garden - Acrobatic and Aerial show and rig - Entertainers
Acrobatic and Aerial show and rig
The Madness of Alice - Circus Wonderland Show and Walkabout Entertainers
Circus Wonderland Show and Walkabout Entertainers
Interactive Walkabout Dinosaur
Dare-Devil Stunts and High Flying Somersaults
Virtigo Sprites - Stilt walking Sprites - Stilt Walking Entertainers Walkabout
Stilt walking Sprites
Virtigo Stilts - The Lobsters - Stilt Walkers - Walkabout
Stilt Walking Costumes Drreams are Made of
An Astounding Display of Acrobatic Prowess
World of Coco - Aerial Hoop - Circus Entertainer - cabaret
Aerial Circus Drama
High-Energy Prancing & Sculptural Stillness Stilt Walkers
Performance Art Comes Alive and Interactive
Zoe and Kat - Barbie Acrobatics and Circus Aerialists - Cabaret Show
Barbie Acrobatics and Circus Aerialists