Walkabout Entertainers, Mix and Mingle Entertainment and Roving Entertainers

Absolutely Crackers Christmas theme walkabout roaming entertainers
Granting wishes causing giggles
Acro Jugglers Free-running, acrobatics, tricking juggling entertainers jesters
Free-running, acrobatics, tricking and juggling
Acrobatic Troupe - Circus cabaret acrobatic entertainers
The ultimate acrobatic act!
Acrojou's Bouncing Stilt Jesters - Stilt Walkers - Walkabout Circus Entertainers
Bouncing Stilt Circus Walkabout
German Wheel Rolling story Telling
The 1950’s Perfect Balloon Modelling Housewife
Alice and Lily - Alice in Wonderland with a Modern Circus Twist - Entertainers
Alice in Wonderland with a Modern Circus Twist
Alice the Camel - Walkabout Puppet Entertainer
Walkabout Puppet Entertainer
A Classy Contortion, Aerial, Dance and Stilt Company
Pop Opera Divas
Giant Spider Puppet
The Ultimate Robot Awaits Your Command
Yo Yo Star
Balloonatic - Walkabout Balloon Modeller Entertainers
The UK's Most Extravagant Balloon Artists
Hangbaout Vampire
Bathtub Circus - The mobile bath tub - walkabout entertainers
Gentle Jugglers and Spiffing Stilt Walkers
Beautiful Belles - Stilt Walking Bells Walkabout Entertainers
Stilt Walking Bells
Giant Slinkie Shows
Dancing the Nineteen Twenties into the Noughties
Bella Kinetica - Roller skating circus cabaret entertainers rollerskaters
Enchant, Excite and Amaze with Aerial and Skating Skills
Quirky and Captivating Aerial and Stilt Walking Performance
Brilliantly Inspired, Gorgeously Absurd, Hilarious Comic Performance
Bob Percy - Magician and Mind Reader - Show and Walkabout
The Amazing Mind Reader
Bolli's Bather - Walkabout Glamourous Swimmer Entertainer
Walkabout Glamourous Swimmer
Bolli's Birds of Paradise - Ribbon Dacners - Walkabout Entertainers
Stilt Walkers or Ribbon Dancers
Bolli's Chandelier Starlets - Roaming Entertainers
Roaming Dazzling Starlets
Bolli's Edibles - Wrapper Girl - Walkabout Entertainer
ROaming Tables of Delight
Bolli's Fanciful Fairies - Walkabout Roaming Entertainers
Roaming Ballet faries to delight
Bolli's Flamingos - Stilt Walking Ostentatious Flamingo Entertinaers
Stilt Walking Ostentasious FlamingosOstentatious
Bolli's Forest Fauns - Walkabout Spirit of the Forest Entertainers
Walkabout Spirit of the Forest Entertainers
Bolli's Ice Fauns - Wintery Walkabout Creaures
Wintery Walkabout Creaures
Bolli's Menagerie - Oryx - Walkabout entertainer
The Wild World of Bolli Darling
Bolli's Olympic Torches - Walkabout and Statue Entertainers
Entertainers to Light Up Your Event
Bolli Darling - Sumptuous Swans - Stilt Walkers - Walkabout
Sumptuous Swans on Stilts
Bolli's Topiary Tart - Walkabout Entertainer
Walkabout Glamourous Shubbery
Boo Hiccup - children's entertainer and magician - Show and walkabout
Children's Party Entertainer
BoSi's Hole Job - Comedy Street Works - Street Show Installation
Comedy Street Works
Street Works Street Show
Animated Street Life Roaming Robots
Get your streets kicking
Get the Streets Talking
BoSi's Pineapple Car - Fruit Powered Fuel Power - Roaming Fruit Bike
Fruit Powered Fuel Power
BoSi's UN Peas Corps - Zeppelin & Foot Patrol Walkabout Entertainment
Zeppelin and Foot Patrol Maintaining World Peas
Bread's Ballerinas - Comedy Danceabout Entertainers
Comedy Danceabout Entertainers
Walkabout Sea Characters
Bread's Christmas Crackers and Captain Christmas - Walkabout Entertainer
Colourful Festive Entertainers
Bread's Crocodile Hunters - Aussie crocodile wrestlers and walkabout entertainer
Aussie professional crocodile wrestlers Will and Al Catchett
Bread's Dinner Ladies - Comedy Food Theme Walkabout Entertainers
Comedy Food Theme Walkabout Entertainers
Shows, Walkabouts and Workshops
Comedy Recycling Walkabout
Comedy French Caricature Artist
Bread's Mr Egghead and the Easter Egge Hunt - walkabout Spring Entertainers
walkabout Spring Entertainers
Bread's Pete and Ged Moss - Comedy Expert Gardeners - Walkabout Entertainers
Comedy Expert Gardeners
Bread's Van Dunk Brothers - Comedy Swimming Entertainers - Street Show Walkabout
Comedy Swimming Entertainers
Bread's Viva Las Wedding - Comedy Walkabout Character Entertainers
Elvis parsley brings a little love to the proceedings
Bread's Wannabe TV - Walkabout Comedy Entertainers
A new breed of reality TV
Family Friendly Entertainers of Bubbles
Walkabout Life Size Puppet Flower Seller
Calvos - Stilt Walkers and Contact Jugglers - Walkabout
Crystal Ball Jugglers and Stilt Walkers
Chilli Rouge - Red Hot Hostess Girls on Ground or Stilt Walkers Entertainers
Red Hot Hostess Girls on Ground or Stilts
Christopher Matthews - Fun and Sophisticated Close Up Magic
Fun and Sophisticated Close Up Magic
Balloon Antics and Clowning Mayhem
Fun Filled Family Entertainment
Human Cannons and The Ironing Board of Death
Cirquequestrian - Ring Master and Stilt Walking Horses Entertainers
Ringo Styles and his incredible troupe of performing horses
Junk Percussionistas Create The Big Noise in Town
An Eccentric Quirky Character
Clown Bert - Classic kids entertainer
Classic kids entertainer
Woodland Teachers
Creature's Epico The Dragon - Walkabout Puppet Dragon Character
Walkabout Puppet Dragon Character on the Roam
Creature's Festive Elves - Comedy Christmas Elves Running Late with Presents
Comedy Christmas Elves Running Late with Presents
Creature's Flying Carpets - Walkabout Puppetry Fun Entertainers
Walkabout Puppetry Fun Entertainers
The Goblins Oddness and Grottstick
Creature's Hopalong - Bumbling Bunnies - Walkabout Entertainers
Bumbling Bunnies
Animatronic Talkative Penguin Family
Creature's Snow Lion - Combining Animatronic Puppetry, Spectacular Costumes
Combining Animatronic Puppetry, Spectacular Costumes, Magical Characters
Larger Than Life Avian Amigos
Walkabout Fox and Otter Woodland Characters
Animatronic Victorian Snow Family
Crystal Music Box - Musical Statue - Installation
An Air of Fairytale Romance to Any Special Event
Curious Alice - Alice in Wonderland on Stilts - Walkabout
Curious Alice - Alice in Wonderland on Stilts - Walkabout
Curious Chocolate Girl - Walkabout Chocolate Entertainer
Edible Entertertainment
Combining Spectacle with Stilts, Slapstick, Style and Storytelling
Curious Country Pursuits - A Haute Couture Twist to Stilt Walking Entertainers
A Haute Couture Twist to Stilt Walking
Curious Ice Pixies - Acrobatic Ice Pixies - Walkabout or stage Show Entertainers
Acrobatic Ice Pixies
Curious Mermaid - The Perfect Siren for your Water Themed Events - Installation
The Perfect Siren for your Water Themed Events
Curious Sitwells - Astride a full sized penny farthing bikes - Walkabout
Astride a full sized penny farthing bikes
The UK's oldest acrobats - The UK's oldest acrobats - comedy walkabout entertain
The UK's oldest acrobats
Daniel Cutting - Professional Football Freestyler - Walkabout or stage show
Professional Football Freestyler
Improvisation and Comedy with a Theatrical Style
Deamon Stilts - Wedding Cakes on Stilts - Stilt Walkers
Beautiful Theatrical Circus Nightmares
One of the Most Flexible Girls in The Business
Playful Naughty Squirrels
Classic Clown Car Act and Comedy Waiter
Dinotopia - Captain Jon Voyage and his beautiful dinosaur - Walkabout Entertaine
Captain Jon Voyage and his beautiful dinosaur
Divine Company - ribbon dancers stilt walkers fire performers entertainers
Combine Elements of Circus and Dance
Illuminated dancers
Divine Stilts - Stilt Walking Entertainers - The Glow Arcadians
Stilt Walking Beauty
Comedy Characters and Large Scale Intallations
Double Decker - Acobatic, Aerial and Stilt Olympic Themed Entertainers
An Olympic Mix of the UK's Top Entertainers
Dream - Clown Stilts - Walkabout
Such Stuff as Dreams are Made of
Easy Lay Eggs - Pesky Puppetry Walkabout Farmers - Entertainers
Pesky Puppetry Walkabout Farmers
Electric Cabaret - Human statues - Living Statues - Entertainers
Entertainment with a Surreal Twist
Elf ’n’ Safety - Christmas themed stilt walking act - walkabout entertainers
Christmas themed stilt walking act
Walkabout Comedy Puppetry
High Quality, Original Comedy Performances
Travelling Royal Carriage
Fantastiko - Knight and Horse - Walkabout entertainers
Stilt walking Characters
Farmer Giles - Comedy Walkabout Entertainer
The Countryside's Most Famous Gossip
Mountain Gorillas and a Comic Intrepid Explorer
Feature's Gossips - Walkabout comedy housewives - Entertainers
Walkabout comedy housewives
Feature's Restoration - The Restoration - Walkabout
Beautiful Costumes, Colourful Characters
An Elderly Puppetry Couple of Miniature Proportions
Foodies - Comedy Entertainers - Installation / Street Show / Walkabout
Comedy Food Theme Walkabout Entertainers
Sexy, Witty and the Epitome of Frenchness Itself
Frenetic - Calamity Jane - Wild West Circus Show
Dynamic Circus and Street Theatre
Fudge's Christmas Pudding - Motorised Talkative Dessert Superhero - Walkabout
Motorised Talkative Dessert Superhero
Fudge's Flatulator - Victorian Noise Maker - Musical Walkabout Entertainer
Victorian Noise Maker
Fudge's Lostronaut - Rochdale’s First Space Traveller - Spaceship walkabout
Rochdale’s First Space Traveller
Fulcrum - Acrobats - Show or Walkabout Circus Entertainers
Elegant Skilled Acrobats
Funnels - Naughty Nautical Walkabout Maritime Fun - Entertainers
Naughty Nautical Walkabout Maritime Fun
The World's Leading Juggling Specialists
Stilt Walking Lord and Lady Pompous
Glitter Belles - Stilt walkers - Stilt walking entertainers
Silver Splendor on Stilts or on the Ground
Dancing in the face of Gravity
Halo - Glow Jugglers - Circus Glow Show Cabaret Act
Circus Glow Show
Hapsley Hernias RFC - Walkabout Sports Rugby Players
The glamorous world of local park rugby
Hoop La La - Hula Heros - Hula Hoop - Show or Walkabout
Acrobalance, Dance, Comedy and Most Importantly, Hula-Hooping!
Waiting to wow your guests with her amazing hula hoop skills
Half man - half animal walkabout entertainers
Inflate-a-belles  - Balloon Modellers - Walkabout Circus and Corporate Entertain
Exciting New Group of Balloon Artists
Inside Loop - Yo Yo - Cabaret, Walkabout and Workshops
Comedy, Skill and an Odd Obsession with Yo-Yos
Jinglebells the Reindeer - Enchanting Festive Puppetry- Walkabout entertainers
Enchanting Festive Puppetry
Comedic Quick Draw Artist
Lady Margo - Diablo - Walkabout or Show
The Choice of Distinction
Larger Than Life - The Ostriches - Stilt Walkers - Walkabout
With Attitude - and Altitude!
Specialise in Amazing Gliding Characters
Larkin's Granny Turismo
Larkin's Tritons - Elextroglide Mermen - Walkabout Entertainers
Elextroglide Mermen
Leopold Aleksander - Victorian Strongman - Circus Cabaret Act
Victorian Strongman
Light Walkers - Glowing Stilt Walkers - Circus Roaming Entertainers
Glowing Stilt Walkers
Solo, Speciality Acts and the Skills
Living Statues - Human Topiary and Human Statues
Human Topiary and Human Statues
Lollipop Patrol - Larger than Life Lollipop Ladies - Walkabout Entertainers
Larger than Life Lollipop Ladies
Los Kaos - Walkabout Polar Bear Entertainer
Bjorn the Polar Bear, The Creature, The Martians and Felix and Felix
Lost on Earth - Comedy Crashed Aliens Street Show
Comedy Crashed Aliens Street Show
First Class Magic and Pick Pocket
The Birds are Impressive and Magnificent and Their Detail is Dazzling
Distinctive Performer
Maynard Flipflap - Man in a box walkabout entertainer
The World's Only Man in a Box and The Tap Dancing Turkeys
Methods of Movement - Acrobatic Breakdance Crew - Dance - Show or Walkabout
Acrobatic Breakdance Crew
Midsummer Nights Dreams - Walkabout Stilt Walkers Entertainers
Titania, Oberon, Puck, Cobweb & Peaseblossom Entertainers
Nuanced, Breathtaking and Highly-Skilled Acrobatic Theatre
Mining for Glitter - Mining for Glitter - Walkabout Street Entertainers
Sparkling Entertainment
Mr & Mrs Christmas - Seasonal Walkabout Entertainers
Seasonal Walkabout Entertainers
Musical Saw Extraordinaire
Mr Doo - Juggling Jesters - Walkabout
All Round Circus Performer
Musical Ruth and the Amazing Magical Mobile Piano!
Muzakel Elf! - Cheesy musical playing impish Elf - Entertainer
Cheesy musical playing impish Elf
Every Type of Future Reading
A Handbalancing Treat for Every Event
Naughty Elves - Character Musicial Juggling Walkabout Entertainers
Festive Mischief
Nomads - Two Towering, Elemental Beings Explore your Event - Puppets Walkabout
Two Towering, Elemental Beings Explore your Event
Nursie and The Pram - The Opinionated Twins - Puppetry Walkabout Entertainers
The Opinionated Twins
Bringing Authentic Rio de Janeiro-Style Carnival Shows to Any Event
Singing Waiters and other Surprise Guests
Contemporary Walkabout Puppetry Surrealism
Angels, Mohicans and Human Televisions
Dedicated to Teaching and Displaying the Discipline of Parkour
Pemberton Performance - Juggler - walkabout or cabaret act
Juggling on Tap
 Posh Pigs - Well-to-do Piggies are Hilarious, Backslapping Fun - Walkabout
Well-to-do Piggies are Hilarious, Backslapping Fun
Stilt Walking Insects
Stilt Walking Glam Rockers and Jack Frosts
Puddle Ducks - Beatrix Potter Themed Walkabout Entertainers
Beatrix Potter Themed Walkabout Entertainers
Punt - Roaming Street Boat - Walkabout Entertainers
Roaming Street Boat
Angle Grinding Performer Stilt Walking Entertainer
Bouncing fauns and Ice Queen in Sleigh
Walkabout, Singabout and Fortune Telling Installaions
Hilarious Stilt and Ground Characters to Impress and Amaze
Rob Horsman's Elliptical Circus Juggler and Cabaret Circus Entertainer
Juggling The Unbelieveable, The Incredible and The Magical
Jack of all Trades Master of Fun
Diva of Magic
Roving Artist -Charles Burns -  Silhouette Cutter - Walkabout
Lightening Fast Silhouettes
Versatile All Female Troupe
 Rum Ba Ba's Sleigh - Mother Christmas's Sleigh - Walkabout
Mother Christmas's Sleigh
Rum Baba'a Sci-Fi Aliens - Stilt walking, Globe Walking Aliens - Entertainers
Stilt walking, Globe Walking Aliens
Rum BaBa's Aliens - Stilt Walking Visitors from Outer Space - Walkabout
Stilt Walking Visitors from Outer Space
Rum BaBa's Devils Valkyrie Vikings - Female Viking Warriors on Stilts
Female Viking Warriors on Stilts
Rum BaBa's Fats and Toots - 1930's gangster and moll stilt walkers - walkabout
1930's gangster and moll stilt walkers
Rum BaBa's Flower Seller - Victorian Flower Seller on Stilts - Walkabout
Victorian Flower Seller on Stilts
Rum BaBa's Geisha - Stilt Walking Geisha - Walkabout entertainers
Stilt Walking Geisha
Rum BaBa's Ice Pixes - Acrobatic Tr-Ice-icle - Walkabout Roaming Entertainers
Acrobatic Tr-Ice-icle
Rum BaBa's Neptune - Sea Gods on Stilts - Stilt Walkers Walkabout Entertainment
Sea Gods on Stilts
Rum BaBa's Octopus Ocean - Aquatic Acrobatics - Walkabout Circus Street Show
Aquatic Acrobatics
Rum Baba's Seal - Walkabout Entertainers
A Seal Flaps Her Way Through the Streets
Rum BaBa's Snowball Sprites - Walkabout Entertainers
Giant Snowballs to run around your streets
Rum Baba's Whizzers - Small, speedy, imps - Walkabout Entertainers
Small, speedy, imps
RumBaBa's Cafe Bistro - Mobile Acrobatic Restaurant Show - Walkabout
Mobile Acrobatic Restaurant Show
Juggler Extraordinaire
Knockout Magic
Walkabout Puppets, Workshops and Stilt Walkers
Gliding Golden Lovestruck Fools
Snow Queen La Mer - Beautiful Snow & Ice Themed Stilt Walkers - Walkabout
Beautiful Snow & Ice Themed Stilt Walkers
Female Contortion Duo
Space Cadets - Lost Space Boys and Elfish Prestley - Walkabout Entertainers
Lost Space Boys and Elfish Prestley
Comedy ballet dancing, Mischief Making, Hoarders
Specialist in Hospitality, Conferences, Functions, Magic Coaching and Weddings
All Round Circus Entertainer
Over Enthusiastic Ballroom Dancers
Walkabout Circus Entertainer
Strangelings - The Explorers - Walkabout Entertainers
Ice Age Walkabout
Magic to Mess with Your Mind
Tall Travoltas - Stilt Walking Entertainers
Stilt Walking Seventies Entertainers
Comedy Walkabout Characters
Comedy Hat, Ball and Club Juggler and Plate Spinner
Completely Mad Characters! Completely Brilliant Characters!
The Madness of Alice - Circus Wonderland Show and Walkabout Entertainers
Circus Wonderland Show and Walkabout Entertainers
The Sprites - The Winter Sprites - Christmas Puppet Pixies
Winter Spites and Summer Sprite Puppet Entertainers
Versatile Circus Walkbout
Interactive Walkabout Dinosaur
The Future of Entertainment
Trikolor - Colourful Stilt Walkers - Walkabout Entertainers
Colourful Stilt Walkers
Dare-Devil Stunts and High Flying Somersaults
Dragging Magic Screaming and Kicking into the 21st Century
Giant Puppet Entertainment
VIP Waiter - The tallest servant for your event - puppet - walkabout
The tallest servant for your event
Virtigo Sprites - Stilt walking Sprites - Stilt Walking Entertainers Walkabout
Stilt walking Sprites
Virtigo Stilts - The Lobsters - Stilt Walkers - Walkabout
Stilt Walking Costumes Drreams are Made of
Virtigo Stilts Unicorn - Stilt Walking Unicorns - Stilt Walkers Walkabout Entert
Stilt Walking Unicorns
The Experience To Bring Your Event To Life
High-Energy Prancing & Sculptural Stillness Stilt Walkers
Performance Art Comes Alive and Interactive
Striking monochrome stilt walkers